Emsculpt Body Contouring

Even if you work hard to take care of your body with a healthy diet and regular exercise, some areas hold on to stubborn fat, preventing you from the body you want. With non-invasive body sculpting techniques we can help you look like your best self – in under an hour.

How Muscle Definition Works

Muscle definition is a direct result of relatively low body fat combined with consistent muscle development. For instance, cyclists who commute to work on bicycles every day will build leg and calve muscle mass, which will be more visible with little-to-no fat present. There are 650 skeletal muscles in the human body, and each of them can be strengthened through contractions caused by neurological signals transmitted from the brain.

There are a number of factors that contribute to how muscles appear in terms of definition. For instance, working out extensively on certain areas of the body will deliver impressive results over time. That said, not everyone is capable of following rigorous fitness routines due to age, physical limitations, time constraints or a combination of the three.

As we age, our muscle strength diminishes greatly, and fatigue can set in. This can lead to the sensation of sagging skin in areas where there was previously more mass. Other contributors can include hormonal imbalances, habits such as smoking or laziness, and even our careers such as those involving working in a seated position. If the body doesn’t get enough physical stimulation from moving around and staying active, muscle definition will decline at a faster rate as it ages. Therefore, reaching out to the Calgary Plastic Surgery Centre for appropriate treatment methods can often be a more viable, easier way to redefine your physical appearance, no matter your age.

Emsculpt® is the Ideal Solution

The Calgary Plastic Surgery Centre believes in delivering results that look natural, youthful and vibrant while respecting your needs in every way possible. That’s why we choose EMSCULPT® as the ultimate treatment method for redefining muscle. Improving, shaping and toning your stomach, buttocks and other areas has never been easier, more comfortable and faster, all in a non-invasive process that means no downtime afterwards.

The EMSCULPT® procedure uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology, otherwise known as HIFEM®. It’s a breakthrough new process that ensures more defined shaping of arms, legs, abs, and buttocks – in short, if you suffer from a bit of belly fat, this is the treatment for you! It achieves desired results by forcing the muscle tissue to react to a series of supramaximal contractions, remodelling its structure from deep within to produce greater definition. This works more efficiently than other treatments because of the non-invasive nature of the procedure, building muscle and toning while burning fat at the same time.

A Suitable Treatment for Everyone

If you’re interested in our innovative definition solutions, it is ideal if you are an active or semi-active individual who still suffers from stubborn fat deposits. However, know that anyone can benefit from our EMSCULPT® services. For those who prefer natural-looking results and don’t want to deal with downtime, we would also recommend this form of treatment. Only a few short treatments are required to achieve optimal results.

You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin. Living with unwanted fat deposits can make it difficult to define muscle as intended, but we at the Calgary Plastic Surgery Centre have the ideal solution with our specialized treatments. Restore self-confidence by restoring your appearance, quickly and without any downtime! Non-invasive, non-radiating, non-thermal and non-stressful, our procedures are designed to bring out your natural beauty within just a few treatments

Would you like to learn more about EMSCULPT®, the world’s only procedure proven to burn fat and build muscle at the same time? Reach out to us today at the Calgary Plastic Surgery Centre, and experience what it has to offer for your body today. We look forward to helping you rejuvenate your appearance!

*Results are not guaranteed and individual experiences may vary.

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