Dermal Fillers

We’ll help you enhance your natural beauty and restore your youthfulness with minimal to no downtown with our cosmetic injectables and facial filler treatments.

Our variety of skin filler methods provide a relaxed and natural look to soften the effects of muscle tension over time as well as adding volume to areas in your face that may have sunken with age and adding natural-looking tone and texture to restore youthfulness.

We have a combination of approaches that often work well together, such as Botox, Dysport, Myobloc, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, Voluma, Belotero, Radiesse and more. Our goal is to understand your unique features, specific expectations and determine which treatments will be most effective for your individual needs.

Our facial fillers provide you with a safe and non-invasive alternative to surgery. Cosmetic injectable treatments give you a fast and effective approach to restorative beauty. We know that with age, sun damage, stress and hereditary factors your skin may not appear as vibrant as it once did. We also know how to use the best aesthetic enhancements to date to help you achieve your desired look and regain your radiance. With a variety of dermal fillers to choose from, we’ll take our time to understand your unique anatomy and particular needs.


Step 1: Consultation with one of our specialists. We want to understand your goals for the procedure and your desired results. We will offer guidance and opinions on the best course of action. We will also take any necessary measurements at this time. If you have any questions or hesitations, now is the time to ask!

Step 2: Book an appointment.

Step 3: Prepare yourself by reading the educational material provided and following pre-surgical advice.

Step 4: Procedure day!

Step 5: First look at the outcome. Keep in mind there may be swelling and redness, depending on the procedure. Therefore the best approximation of final look will be after adequate recovery time.

Step 6: Recover. For best results, please follow all post-surgery advice and enhance healing with appropriate sleep, nutrition and hydration.

Step 7: Come back in for a follow-up appointment to ensure proper healing and optimal results.

How it Works

Our options give you an opportunity to choose from the most simple results and minimal downtime to more meticulous cosmetic treatment plans depending on your personal goals. Options include, but are not limited to:


Juvederm uses hyaluronic acid which is a natural facial tissue we’re born with but dissipates over time. It’s safe for all skin types and sensitivities and absolutely no animal products are involved. There are two versions of Juvederm including Ultra and Ultra Plus which is less dense to target deeper lines, wrinkles and shadows. Juvederm comes with a local anesthetic to make sure the injection process is as comfortable for you as possible. This specific treatment can last anywhere between 6 to 12 months depending on the area of the face and how often those muscles are being used.


Restylane is similar to Juvederm and is a natural acid facial filler. Restylane comes in a variety of concentrations with different densities depending on the skin type and desired outcome.


Voluma comes from the Juvederm family as well with a higher density to provide a more sculpted restoration and structured volume as the name implies, typically used in the cheeks. The results of Voluma can last for one year or longer.


Belotero is the least dense natural hyaluronic acid filler and is often used for fine lines around the mouth and eyes.


Radiesse is an injectable hydroxyapatite best suited for deep facial restoration and more volume than the hyaluronic acid fillers. Typically used in the cheeks with results that can last for more than a year.


Sculptra is another wonderful filler with effects that appear gradually as it works with your body’s natural collagen levels. Over time, Sculptra that’s been injected into your deep tissues will slowly increase its natural volume. For a long-lasting look we recommend three treatments of Sculptra which can produce results for several years.


Can I exercise after a dermal filler?

Light exercise is okay immediately after treatment and unrestricted exercise may be resumed the next day.

Do dermal fillers hurt?

Light anesthesia is an option but is not necessary, topical anesthetics are often all that are needed.

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